Blending ultimate comfort and style,

the adidas Ultra Boost does it all.

Ultra-Boost 1-2 (2)

  1. Men's Size 1

  2. Men's Size 6

  3. Men's Size 7

  4. Men's Size 9

  5. Men's Size 11

  6. Men's Size 050

  7. Brand Adidas

  8. Price $500 - $1000

  9. Price $3500 - $4000

  10. Subcat Ultra-Boost

A combination of innovation, comfort and style, the adidas Ultra Boost (released February 2015) quickly transcended its expectation as a standard runner to become a staple in sneaker culture. Of course, to properly discuss the Ultra Boost, it’s important to contextualize the origin of adidas BOOST technology and the integration of the NASA and Boeing-approved ARAMIS 3D technology. (Each give the shoe its flexibility and adaptive capabilities in all running scenarios.) Debuted in February of 2012, with the promise to bring a higher level of energy return than the standard midsole, BOOST construction fuses together TPU particles for a bouncier, more temperature resistant ride. ARAMIS, an entirely different beast, is a motion-capture system that uses cameras and sensors that gather information at up to 500 frames per second to envision the movement of the runner; it also helps determine the amount of strain and tension caused by different materials. The Ultra Boost incorporates this dynamic midsole onto a silhouette crafted with woven Primeknit, an upper digitally knitted with fused yarn into a one piece frame. The goal is to fine-tune the exact amount of flexibility and support needed in every part of the shoe. Interestingly enough, despite the intricacies in how the Ultra Boost is manufactured, what truly makes the shoe dynamic is its clean aesthetic. The aforementioned aspects of the original design are cemented by a caging system that features Three Stripes branding on the side panel and wraps around the heel. The look allows for a range of motifs and endless opportunities for festive collaborations. Later versions released with modifications to the silhouette, including the cageless Ultra Boost Uncaged, Ultra Boost 2.0, and the recent Ultra Boost 3.0.
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