Air Jordan 10

Air Jordan 10

The soul of Jordan's career
on the sole of Jordan's 10th sneaker.

Air Jordan 10 1-8 (8)

  1. Baby + Kids Size 2C

  2. Baby + Kids Size 6C

  3. Baby + Kids Size 7C

  4. Baby + Kids Size 12.5C

  5. Baby + Kids Size 13C

  6. Baby + Kids Size 13.5C

  7. Baby + Kids Size 2Y

  8. Baby + Kids Size 7Y

  9. Baby + Kids Size 9Y

  10. Subcat Air Jordan 10

As Michael Jordan chased his baseball dreams, Tinker Hatfield and Nike believed the legend had hung his sneakers up for good. What was previously an unfathomable thought became a reality, and in that, the Air Jordan 10 was born. A combination of buttery tumbled leather and a quick lace system, the true highlight of the Jordan Retro 10 sneaker appears on the outsole, where Jordan’s milestones for every season in the NBA (from 1985 to 1994) can be seen. The Jordan 10 was the first signature shoe MJ had little say in during its creation, though he did briefly wear a pair during his return to the NBA.
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