Air Jordan 13

Air Jordan 13

The spirit of a panther.
Air Jordan 13's for every season.

Air Jordan 13 1-3 (3)

  1. Baby + Kids Size 2C

  2. Baby + Kids Size 5C

  3. Baby + Kids Size 12.5C

  4. Baby + Kids Size 13C

  5. Baby + Kids Size 13.5C

  6. Baby + Kids Size 7.5Y

  7. Baby + Kids Size 9Y

  8. Subcat Air Jordan 13

“Black cat.” That was Michael Jordan’s childhood nickname; at the same time, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield believed MJ’s game mirrored how a panther pounced on its prey. For that reason, Tinker modeled the Air Jordan 13 after a panther’s paw. With the addition of the mesh upper, an unique sole and the patented holographic bubble, the AJ 13 is easily one of the most interesting designs in the Air Jordan pantheon.
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