Air Jordan 14

Air Jordan 14

Built for speed with a sleek design.

Air Jordan 14 1-11 (11)

  1. Baby + Kids Size 13.5C

  2. Baby + Kids Size 1Y

  3. Baby + Kids Size 3Y

  4. Baby + Kids Size 6Y

  5. Baby + Kids Size 9Y

  6. Baby + Kids Size 11Y

  7. Subcat Air Jordan 14

The Air Jordan 14 released in 1998, just after Michael Jordan’s second retirement and the last season he wore a Chicago Bulls uniform. However, he managed to nab a pair to wear in his final game as a Bull, the very game he hit the game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz. Inspired by MJ’s Ferrari 355 F1, the AJ 14 is among the most intricately designed Air Jordans to ever release.
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