Air Jordan 6

Air Jordan 6

Championship-level style.

The Air Jordan 6 helped Michael Jordan bring home his first NBA title.

Air Jordan 6 1-33 (33)

  1. Baby + Kids Size 13C

  2. Baby + Kids Size 2.5Y

  3. Baby + Kids Size 3.5Y

  4. Baby + Kids Size 5Y

  5. Baby + Kids Size 5.5Y

  6. Baby + Kids Size 6Y

  7. Baby + Kids Size 6.5Y

  8. Baby + Kids Size 10.5Y

  9. Subcat Air Jordan 6

The 1990-91 NBA season was crucial for Michael Jordan. Having already amassed a MVP season, four All-NBA First Team appearances, six All-Star team selections, and numerous other accolades, a proper NBA Championship was required to make his cypher complete. A significant character in His Airness’ first-ever championship run is the Air Jordan 6, another designed masterpiece by Tinker Hatfield.
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