Air Jordan 9

Air Jordan 9

A basketball shoe inspired by
a minor-league baseball player.

Air Jordan 9 1-7 (7)

  1. Baby + Kids Size 6C

  2. Baby + Kids Size 7C

  3. Baby + Kids Size 9C

  4. Baby + Kids Size 12C

  5. Baby + Kids Size 1Y

  6. Baby + Kids Size 7Y

  7. Baby + Kids Size 9Y

  8. Price $0 - $500

  9. Price $2000 - $2500

  10. Subcat Air Jordan 9

Fin? The Air Jordan 9 released in November 1993 as the world was coping with the idea of the NBA sans Michael Jordan, who retired from basketball to pursue a career in baseball. According to Tinker Hatfield, the shoe represented the “globalization of the Air Jordan brand name,” because Jordan was the most popular athlete in the world. The AJ 9 is also the only signature sneaker that MJ never laced up in-game during its initial release.
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