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Since April 1994, Supreme has been a beacon of authenticity, as it embraces and exudes the DNA of New York City’s downtown counter-culture in every aspect – whether it be the skateboarder’s spirit or an underground Hip-Hop artist’s breakout show or seemingly everything in between. Founded by James Jebbia, the brand’s greatest trait is how tactful it is when discerning between being cultural commentators and giving people, places, etc. a proper homage (whether it communicates this via a Supreme hoodie, campaign, etc.). If Hip-Hop is the hood’s CNN, Supreme maintains a similar grip hold on its market; name a movement worth note, and it’s always at the pulse. Few brands with over 20 years in the game perpetually appeal to the youth and their core fan base who’ve been 10-toes-down since ’94. Their product offering is vast, including an ambitious line of apparel released seasonally that encompasses tees, cut and sew, pants, outerwear, and fashion accessories like a variety of hats. But to truly know Supreme is to understand that most of their releases will shake up the world, even if it has nothing to do with clothing; their off-kilter collaborations with brands like Everlast, CashCannon, and more range from wacky to iconic as well.
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