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Stadium Goods Ranks Top 10 Air Jordan "Pinnacle"

In the 2010s, Jordan Brand switched gears, as it introduced products that displayed a greater emphasis on storytelling. With that evolution came a heightened sense for aesthetics, with many designs now featuring a range of premium materials.

The winner was ultimately the consumer.

Each of the aforementioned details defined the "Pinnacle" collection – a string of releases that reintroduced beloved Air Jordan models with luxury construction. Continue reading

Stadium Goods Ranks 10 Best Ultra Boosts Of 2017 (So Far)

The Ultra Boost model, proclaimed to be “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever” by adidas, has seen its fair share of evolution since being introduced in 2015.

Cosmetic makeovers and game-changing collaborations have greatly defined public perception around the sneaker and increased its reach over time. We’ve seen the silhouette, in all of its forms, reach critical mass in 2017 – a career year for adidas, so far. The brand undoubtedly has more heat in the pipeline, but too many hot Ultra Boosts have released so far to not acknowledge it.

Stadium Goods ranks the top 10 Ultra Boosts to date. Expect us to revisit this list at the end of the year. Continue reading

How to buy the Air Jordan 9 "Baseball Glove" at SG for retail

The Backstory

Jordan Brand is poised to send the sneaker world into a frenzy with the Air Jordan 9 "Baseball Glove."

The shoe draws inspiration from the 1990s in multiple capacities. For starters, the mystery packaging concept is direct ripoff of the age-old tradition of opening baseball trading cards, meaning consumers have a chance of purchasing the black or brown leather version at random; the AJ 9 comes in a sealed Jumpman bag (each individually numbered).

Continue reading

How Hip-Hop Inspired The Air Force 1's Greatness

In 1982, Nike designer Bruce Kilgore introduced the high-top Air Force 1 as a hoops shoe. That’s it. Not some cultural phenomena, nor a staple piece that would define multiple eras.

That part came later.

Revisionists history will say the Air Force 1 was always heralded, when in all actuality, during the ‘80s, release date’s weren’t nearly the topic of ___ that they are now. Continue reading

Diddy Talks Hustle & Kicks On Complex's 'Sneaker Shopping'

"I never wore the same pair twice."

Hip-Hop stars have consistently pushed this narrative when discussing kicks. But when Diddy makes the statement, it's nearly impossible to question his truthfulness.

The New York-raised mogul chops it up with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in the latest episode of Complex's Sneaker Shopping series. Continue reading

The Cultural Significance of the Air Jordan 4

When a company scores a hit product, the next question is simple: Can they do it again?

That was Nike’s predicament in 1989, the year after Michael Jordan’s breakout sneaker, the Air Jordan 3, saw overwhelming success. The hoopla around the AJ 3 was a perfect storm, anchored by Tinker Hatfield’s groundbreaking design. Part of the legend also stems from Jordan’s heroics on the court, and his gravity-defying performance in the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Not to mention Nike’s stellar marketing campaign, which saw rising film director Spike Lee create a narrative around the shoe that starred Jordan and himself as “Mars Blackmon” (a character from his 1986 film ‘She’s Gotta Have It’). Continue reading

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