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SG’s 10 Most Expensive Kobe Sneakers

Kobe Bean Bryant. His legacy precedes him, his relentless competitiveness and winning pedigree made him a legend.

Nike has done a phenomenal job with telling this story through Kobe's signature shoe line.

In 2003, back when he rocked the number 8, Kobe signed a four-year, $40 million deal with the Swoosh brand. He was just 24-years-old with three NBA championships to his name. But megastar Shaquille O'Neal's departure to Miami the following summer (Kobe's alleged involvement aside) left the prodigious shooting guard to be the team leader.
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Meek Mill Gets Nostalgic On 'Sneaker Shopping'

Once again, Complex's Sneaker Shopping invaded Stadium Goods' Soho store location, this time with MMG wordsmith Meek Mill.

Fresh off the release of his third studio LP, Wins & Losses, the Philadelphia native talked sneakers with host Joe La Puma. Meek revealed that his working relationship with Puma has ended, which allows him to rock any brand that he wants (as he stood FILA-clad, from head to toe). That includes Vans, an increasingly popular shoe among rappers, despite their skate roots. Continue reading

A Timeline of PSNY x Jordan Brand Collabs

Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne didn't break the mold, they created an entirely new one. The duo met as colleagues at Sean "Diddy" Combs's iconic fashion label Sean John, where Chow was a senior executive and Osborne was a precocious intern.

Their paths would again in 2005 when Chow enlisted Osborne to help him create a private label for his Miami-based boutique, Arrive. The label's name, Public School.

As the saying goes, the rest is history. Continue reading

SG's 10 Most Expensive LeBron Sneakers

Similar to the trajectory of his career, LeBron James' signature shoe line with Nike has entered rare air, with each model's legacy firmly cemented by their role in iconic games, quickstrike releases, and other narrative-shaping nuances.

Fourteen unique LBJ sneakers have released in the marketplace during his career – not to mention those released in the Soldier series. His reign at the top of the NBA talent pool hasn't neared its ending (even with those pesky Golden State Warriors), which means more releases are to come.

Considering that King James has at least three great seasons left in him, SG gives him his roses while he can still smell him via this list of our 10 most expensive LeBron sneakers – comprised of rarities, PEs, etc. Continue reading

Rita Ora Flexes Shoe Knowledge On 'Sneaker Shopping'

In case you didn't know, pop sensation Rita Ora is one of the most astute sneakerheads among celebs. Credit that, in part, to her working at famed UK retailer size? as a teen (not to mention, her looks often kill in fashion department).

Ora visited Stadium Goods' brick and mortar store in New York City's SoHo neighborhood in the latest episode of Complex's Sneaker Shopping. She chatted candidly with host Joe La Puma about how growing up in London informed her love for kicks, her shoe deal with adidas, and the cultural reasoning behind why "trainers" are her preferred name for sneakers. Continue reading

The Evolution Of The Ultra Boost

Cultural phenomena spread like viruses, becoming increasingly popular on its road to prominence and omnipresence. So much so that losing track of how quickly said trend has grown over a short amount of time is all but promised.

This is the story of the Ultra Boost, a model adidas pegged "The Greatest Running Shoe Ever” upon its January 2015 launch. Continue reading

Sneakers Birthed By Michael Jordan's "Love Of The Game"

Great sports contracts are constructed in the best financial interest of the athlete, with some added safety provisions to protect said athlete and the organization they've signed with. Whether the inner workings of a contract sways more in the favor of the player or organization greatly depends on factors like star power, as proven by Michael Jordan's first professional basketball contract, which included the famed "For The Love of the Game" clause. Continue reading

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