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Always Hot: The Greatest "Infrared" Sneakers

Nike’s “Infrared” colorway is featured prominently within the brand’s collection and has appeared on some of its most popular sneakers of all time. The fiery hue popped up as the launch color scheme to the Air Max 90 and Air Jordan 6 in the early ‘90s.

More recently, “Infrared” has been used on some of the best collaborations and models both brands have to offer. A simple search on our website reveals an overwhelming number of options, though we think these are some of the best available.


Air Max 90 Infrared

Nike Air Max 90 “Infrared”

Where else would we start? The Nike Air Max 90 “Infrared” was the official coming out party for the blazing tone and is still considered the top one or two “Infrared” designs thirty years after it was launched.


Air Jordan 6 Infrared Pack

Air Jordan 6 “Black/Infrared” + "White/Infrared"

The Air Jordan 6 “Black/Infrared” gets credited for being the shoe of choice of Michael Jordan during his triumphant run through the 1991 NBA Playoffs, though he wore the “White/Infrared” often during the regular season. Both are ten flame emojis.


Air Max 90 Duck Camo atmos

Atmos x Nike Air Max 90 “Duck Camo”

Hits of “Infrared” dot atmos’s mega collaboration with Nike on the Air Max 90 “Duck Camo,” proving that the attention-seeking color syncs up well with virtually anything it gets paired with.


Air Max 90 Reverse Duck Camo

Nike Air Max 90 “Reverse Duck Camo”

We couldn’t boast about the original “Duck Camo” without mentioning the brand new model that features the beloved color scheme reversed. This new version released on Air Max Day 2020 gives you an even bigger dose of Infrared.


Air Max 2090 Duck Camo

Air Max 2090 “Infrared/Duck Camo”

The "Reverse Duck Camo" Air Max 90 also brought a friend along for Air Max Day in a matching color scheme. The Air Max 2090 brings the classic Air Max 90 into the present day with a re-imagined update.


Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23

Air Jordan 3 “Infrared 23”

Time and time again, the color combination of black, white, and Infrared has proven to be just as great on Nike models as it is on Air Jordans. And the Air Jordan 3 “Infrared 23,” which is as underrated of a look as there is on that silhouette, is no exception.


Nike SB Dunk Low Infrared

Nike SB Dunk Low “Infrared”

As if you needed any further proof this far down the list that “Infrared” looks great on any sneaker, here’s a Nike SB Dunk Low dripping in the smoking hot hue for all of your skateboarding footwear needs.


Air Jordan 6 Tinker Hatfield

Air Jordan 6 “Tinker Hatfield”

Legend has it that the Air Jordan 6 “Tinker Hatfield” was supposed to be the first colorway of the iconic shoe. Inspired by Hatfield’s sketches, the model incorporates “Infrared” accenting prominently along the rubberized tongue and heel spoiler.


Jordan 6 Infrared

CLOT x Air Jordan 13 “Infrared”

It’s easy to see where CLOT designer Edison Chen got the inspiration for this Air Jordan 13 Low “Infrared” in 2018: the Air Jordan 6 of the same nickname. The colorway looks a lot like a much brighter version of the high-top “Bred” that Michael Jordan wore often during the ‘98 NBA Playoffs.

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