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Anything But Pink: The Rise of the Women's Air Jordan 1

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Women have always wanted to wear the Air Jordan 1…in anything but pink. Beginning with Aleali May’s Women’s Air Jordan 1 in 2017, a slow drip of women’s-exclusive colorways of the iconic signature silhouette has turned into a full-on tidal wave of covetable looks. And, thankfully, no longer is the "pink it and shrink it" method long practiced for women's sneakers in place: the women's Air Jordan 1 now has many releases that are making the guys jealous. It wasn’t an easy task—these things never are—but we’ve corralled the top Women’s Jordan 1s.


Women's Air Jordan 1 Mid Olive

Women's Air Jordan 1 Mid "Olive"

Heavy utilitarian vibes dot the Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Olive.” Built to occupy a frontline spot in your daily sneaker rotation, the mid-top features a highly-wearable colorway with a ballistic black mesh base that can withstand all terrains.


Women's Air Jordan 1 Mid Hot Punch

Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Hot Punch”

As you’re about to see, there’s no shortage of premium materials, off-the-beaten-path patterns and bold colorways of the Women’s Air Jordan 1. The “Hot Punch” mid-top incorporates all three in stride.


Women's Air Jordan 1 Mid Fossil

Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fossil/White”

Elegance, in a word, describes the Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fossil/White.” The look can be dressed up for more formal events or dressed down for casual Fridays at the office. No matter how you style the Jordan 1 Mid, there’s a flavor for you.


Women's Air Jordan 1 High UNC Patent Leather

Women’s Air Jordan 1 “UNC Patent Leather”

Women have wanted to wear the classic colorways of the Air Jordan 1 all along and Jordan Brand is more than happy to oblige. The “UNC Patent Leather” dons two hues of Carolina Blue in glossy patent leather detailing for a look that is both fresh and familiar at the same time.


Women's Air Jordan 1 Mid UNC

Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “UNC”

The Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “UNC” is an ideal option for those who want to rep Michael Jordan’s alma mater in a subdued manner. The timeless combination of crisp white leather and baby blue accenting makes this women’s-only Jordan 1 Mid a no-brainer.


Melody Ehsani Air Jordan 1 Mid

Women’s Air Jordan 1 “Fearless - Melody Ehsani”

Women are driving the Air Jordan 1 forward as a high-style sneaker while its performance roots are shrinking in the rearview mirror. Jordan Brand’s “Fearless” campaign tapped creatives like Melody Ehsani to implement design components you wouldn’t otherwise see on the model.


Women's Air Jordan 1 High Fearless

Women’s Air Jordan 1 “Fearless”

Taking cues from the Air Jordan 1 “SP Gina,” the Women’s Jordan 1 “Fearless” dons a lifestyle-oriented metallic mesh finish with a color blocking design found on classic versions of Jordan’s first silhouette dating back to the mid ‘80s.


Women's Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe

Women’s Air Jordan 1 “Satin Black Toe”

Hi, 1985, meet 2019. Separated by 34 years, the original Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” inspires the chic and decidedly modern Women’s Jordan 1 “Satin Black Toe.” Aside from the obvious luxed-up finish applied to the leather panels, the women’s-exclusive features a metal wings logo instead of the traditional leather offering found on previous versions of the shoe.


Air Jordan 1 High Satin Shattered Backboard

Women’s Air Jordan 1 “Satin Shattered Backboard”

Third time’s a charm. Due to the success of the first two Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard” colorways, expectations were reasonably high for the Women’s Air Jordan 1 “Satin Shattered Backboard” prior to its release back in May 2018. As we’ve come to realize, the opulent finish has satiated the thirst of fickle sneakerheads, no easy feat to say the least.


Women's Air Jordan 1 High Twist

Women’s Air Jordan 1 “Twist”

OG, with a twist. The Women’s Air Jordan 1 “Twist” (AKA “Panda”) utilizes the original black/white colorway and dials up the luxury with faux pony hair panels and waxed black cotton laces for a decidedly contemporary spin.


Women's Air Jordan 1 UNC to Chicago

Women’s Air Jordan 1 “UNC to Chicago”

The Air Jordan 1’s rich history isn’t lost on many women’s-only releases and plays an important role in continuing the storytelling of “The GOAT’s” signature shoe. Two integral teams associated with Mike’s playing career are spotlighted on the “UNC to Chicago” design, which also happens to utilize that plush leather that Jordan Brand likes to break out from time-to-time.


Air Jordan 1 Mid Disco Ball

Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Disco Ball”

Calling to mind good vibrations, funky flared jeans and, of course, trippy disco balls, the Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Disco Ball” takes a light-hearted approach to footwear and we’re all the way here for it.

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