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Block by Block: NYC Grassroots Organizations That We Support

Part of the Stadium Goods Block by Block initiative is highlighting grassroots organizations that are at the frontlines of the fight for racial and social justice. For part one of Block by Block focusing on our hometown of New York City, we had our own employees submit local organizations that we have all been supporting, be it through financial donations, volunteering, or simply showing up to a rally or march coordinated by the respective group.

In short, these are the NYC-centric organizations fighting for positive change that we here at Stadium Goods fully back, and that we'd like to shout out for their continued work in the community.


Emergency Release Fund

An organization that focuses on keeping transgender people safe and out of jail by posting bail in NYC area jails and prisons. During the Covid-19 pandemic, ERF has expanded its mission to raise and post bail for pretrial medically vulnerable individuals and anyone who identifies as LGBTQ.


Brooklyn Movement Center

Black-led community organization in Central Brooklyn (primarily Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy) focusing on building empowerment among individuals in the community. BMC is a multi-issue organization, with two examples of their missions including food sovereignty and police accountability.



A Bronx-based organization that invests in the community by collaborating with local youth, families, and schools to build pathways to equity and opportunity through the arts.


For the GWORLS

An organization that assists Black trans people with rent and helps pay for gender affirming surgeries.


Life Camp NYC

"Making Peace a Lifestyle." A Queens-based gun violence prevention and intervention organization that offers young people educational, employment, and social opportunities.


Street Riders NYC

Street Riders NYC

A group of activists that organize bicycle-ride protests in NYC, specifically during the recent call for reforms and defunding of the NYPD. The Street Riders also send other organizations bikes to act as buffers and shield protesters from cars and police.

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