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Comparing the Air Jordan 1 High OG "Shadow 2.0" to the OG

Jordan 1 Shadow Comparison

To paraphrase Puff Daddy, “this is the remix.” The new Air Jordan 1 High OG “Shadow 2.0” is a reimagination of the original “Shadow” Jordan 1 colorway that was released by Nike in 1985. Despite the fact that Michael Jordan never wore the first “Shadow” with the Chicago Bulls—or even the Washington Wizards, for that matter—the “OG” “Shadow” is revered in sneaker circles for its easy-wearing grey-and-black design and, well, because it was an original colorway of the original Air Jordan.

How does the modern “Shadow 2.0” stack up against its predecessor? Let’s find out.

Stylistically, the “Shadow 2.0” doesn’t differ all that much from the first “Shadow.” Both share a black leather base and a black “Wings” logo on the collar. The two models also feature a grey Swoosh on the side. But with that said, there are still a few differences between the two that are obvious when looking at their side profiles.

Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0 OG Comparison

Upon a first look, the most obvious difference is that the new “Shadow 2.0” has more grey panels and an overall different color block. The shade of grey on the new version is also lighter than the original.

Getting more specific, the two Air Jordan 1s “Shadows” have different color blocking on the toe. From above we see that the “Shadow 2.0” has a black perforated leather toe and contrasting grey leather toe cap. The look is reversed on the original “Shadow.”

The “Shadow 2.0” displays light grey leather on the forefoot overlay that sits between the black leather mid-panel and toe. On the first “Shadow,” Nike opted for a black leather forefoot. The leather eyestay panel is also grey on the “Shadow 2.0,” opposing the black leather on the OG.

In summary, the “TLDR” version of this Air Jordan 1 High OG “Shadow 2.0” vs. Air Jordan 1 High OG “Shadow” comparison is this: the “Shadow 2.0” features more grey leather panels that are lighter in hue than the first “Shadow.” Whether you prefer the more traditional “Shadow” look or vibe with the updated “Shadow 2.0,” we can all agree that the world is indeed big enough for these two sneakers. It doesn’t get more versatile or timeless than a grey-and-black Air Jordan 1.

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