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A Closer Look at the READYMADE x Nike Blazer Mid

Readymade Nike Blazer

Exciting as they are, footwear trends have historically been consumed with the understanding that sooner or later, their run will expire. But there are exceptions to the rule. Recently, there’s been a new movement gaining momentum that has real staying power, the kind necessary to not only have an impact on how we wear and style our shoes, but on the health of the planet, as well. We’re talking about sustainability.

Nike has been an industry leader in creating products from environmentally conscious materials. Thankfully, The Swoosh isn’t without peers. Adidas and New Balance have been making a concerted effort in the field of sustainability. As is READYMADE, a Japanese streetwear label headed up by Yuta Hosokawa. Since 2013, the brand has been offering high-end apparel, eco-friendly chairs, handbags, and more with a unique fusion of military, hippie, and biker aesthetics. Now, Hosokawa’s line can add a Nike Blazer Mid to its offerings.


Readymade Nike Blazer White

The READYMADE x Nike Blazer Mid comes in two familiar Blazer colorways, black and white. But that’s about all that’s recognizable about these two remixed versions of Nike’s first performance basketball shoe.

Deconstructed without losing the silhouette’s DNA, the READYMADE x Nike Blazer Mid features rough-cut, unattached panels; a digi-camo-like pattern on the collar and tongue; exposed foam; a unique multi-lace system; a rought woolen material on the toebox; and thin Swooshes that are styled after one of the earliest sketches of the logo from 1971.

The bottom half of the READYMADE x Nike Blazer Mid screams remix just as much as the top. The midsole features a molded texture that gives a chunky appearance, and the multicolor rubber outsole is constructed from leftover scraps that were previously laying around Nike’s cutting room floor. The material, Nike Grind, is made from up to 15% recycled material and was also used on Nike’s Space Hippie collection from Summer 2020.

But you don’t need to read this long list of details about the shoe to know that it’s different. One look and you’ll know that the average Blazer this is definitely not. And READYMADE wouldn’t have it any other way.

The READYMADE x Nike Blazer Mid “Black” and “White” are both available now at Stadium Goods.

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