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Know Your Heights: All The Differences Between The Air Jordan 1 Mid, High, and High OG

Air Jordan 1 Mid High Comparison

Everyone knows that there is the standard Air Jordan 1 High as well as a modified Air Jordan 1 Mid, but do you really know the differences between the two styles? Furthermore, do you know the differences between the Air Jordan 1 High and Air Jordan 1 High OG? All three versions of Michael Jordan's iconic first signature model have their own distinct details. Of course, to the average person on the street they probably all look the same, but if you're reading this, you know the details matter. In fact, they can account for differences of hundreds of dollars in the value of one Air Jordan 1 over another.

So what are these small, yet monumental differences between the three Air Jordan 1s? We break them all down in our latest YouTube video, where you'll quickly become and expert on one of the most important sneakers of all time.

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