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A Brief History of Fear of God Sneaker Collaborations (So Far)

Nike Air Fear of God 1 The Question

Hardly a newcomer to the sneaker game, Jerry Lorenzo and his high street fashion imprint, Fear of God, have been making headway in the scene going back to its decidedly punk-inspired forays with Vans nearly half a decade ago. With the Nike Air Fear of God 1 “The Question” releasing later this week, it feels right to take a trip back in time to review each of Fear of God’s inventive sneaker collaborations.

Fear of God Vans Era

Fear of God x Vans Era 95 Reissue

Taking aim at inclusivity, Lorenzo linked up with Vans in 2016 in a surprising move that caused a stir in both the sneaker and streetwear worlds. Largely operating with opposing agendas, high fashion and mall brands had generally kept distance between one another until Lorenzo changed all of that. “F.O.G.,” as it came to be known, focused on equipping the streetwear world with affordable and reliable basics and was released exclusively at PacSun. An all-over print Vans Era 59 Reissue set the precedent for what “Jerry Boy” fans could expect from the LA-based brand.


Fearr of God Vans Slip-On 47

Fear of God x Vans

The popularity of the Fear of God x Vans pairing redefined how collaborations are interpreted in street culture. A worthy follow-up collection was released a year later, this time incorporating Lorenzo’s mainline Fear of God. Elevated versions of some of Vans’ most timeless silhouettes, including variations of a Slip-On, Era and the little-known Mountain Edition 35 DX were all remixed by Lorenzo using premium materials and an acute attention to detail.


fear of god Converse Chuck 70

Fear of God x Converse

With a sharper focus on perfecting everyday lifestyle staples, Lorenzo went back to the drawing board following a string of collaborative releases at PacSun. Rebranded as “Essentials,” the Fear of God offshoot recruited Converse for its Holiday 2018 campaign. Its Chuck 70 Hi solves the conundrum of where to store your laces when you wrap them around the collar by adding a heel loop.


Nike Air Fear of God 1 Black

Nike Air Fear of God 1

Speculation of a Fear of God and Nike collaboration became the talk of the sneaker universe following Lorenzo’s partnership with Converse, who is coincidentally owned by Nike. Rumors became reality in 2018 when Nike formally announced the Air Fear of God 1, a hybrid performance basketball sneaker that poses as a lifestyle model with moody colorways defining the range. Hoopers like PJ Tucker and style mavens like John Mayer have put on for Lorenzo’s gap-bridging sneaker, making it one of the most covetable models on the market today.


Nike Air Fear of God Moc

Nike Air Fear of God Moc

Nike doesn’t dole out silhouettes to just anyone. Citing his desire to do more than slap a colorway on a retro, Lorenzo proposed his brand of “shape and proportion” to The Swoosh and Nike obliged. Lorenzo joined a short list of collaborators to receive their own signature look with Nike on the Air Fear of God 1 and the trend continued when the Air Fear of God Moc was released in 2019.


Fear of God Nike AIr Skylon 2

More Fear of God x Nike Collaborations

Other collaborations with Nike include a trio of neutral toned Air Skylon 2s, the new-age-looking Air Shoot Around and Air Fear of God Raid, which is modeled after the famous outdoor performance hoops model. The Nike Air Fear of God 1, however, remains the hallmark model, worn by NBA players on-court and by the flashiest style stars in the streets.


Niek Air Fear of God The Question

Nike Air Fear of God 1 “The Question”

A consistent muse for Fear of God season-after-season, Allen Iverson and his signature performance basketball line with Reebok inspires the Nike Air Fear of God 1 “The Question.” The toe box of the Air Fear of God 1 replicates the two-toned color scheme of the Reebok Answer IV. Lorenzo has paid homage to other influences throughout his career never shied away from big-upping those who came before him.

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