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FuckJerry's Elliot Tebele Shares His Incredible OG Air Jordan 1 Collection

Stadium Goods SLAM Air Jordan 1 Event November 7 2018

This vintage Air Jordan 1 collection is no laughing matter.

This week our friend Elliot Tebele, the creator of the famous and always-hilarious @fuckjerry meme empire, was kind enough to fill our famous trophy case with one of the most impressive collections of original Air Jordan 1s on Earth. All original pairs from 1985, the set includes iconic colorways you already know and love in both well-worn and deadstock condition, as well as one-of-a-kind pairs that literally nobody else has. The pop-up display was assembled in celebration of the release of the SLAM Kicks "Jordans Vol. 4" issue dedicated solely to the Air Jordan 1, which Stadium Goods helped fill the pages of with pairs from our own extensive inventory of all the essential 1s.

For those of you that couldn't make it into the shop to see Elliot's incredible collection, you can check out each pair in detail. Much thanks to Elliot for sharing his Air Jordan 1s, and you can find SLAM Kicks "Jordans Vol. 4" on newsstands now.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 Dunk Sole Michael Jordan PE

Autographed Air Jordan 1 “Dunk Sole” Variant

Constructed with a Nike Dunk sole unit instead of the original sole, these were produced after Michael Jordan’s foot injury in 1985 to provide him with extra support upon his return in 1986. Jordan wore this hybrid version for only a handful of games. This particular pair was worn versus the Atlanta Hawks on March 17, 1986. Making them even more unique, the “Wings” logo is on both the medial and lateral sides of the ankles. Possibly the only pair in existence with double logos.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 Chicago Michael Jordan PE 1985

Autographed Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” PE

Unworn pair made exclusively for Michael Jordan during his rookie season. Per Jordan’s request, these are actually a slightly lower cut than the standard high top released at retail. Another way to identify them as a player exclusive is the different sizes: Jordan wore one size 13 and one size 13.5.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 1985

Air Jordan 1 "Black Toe"

The original “Black Toe” colorway in deadstock condition, complete with the hang tag. This is an extremely hard to find original colorway, especially in this pristine condition.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 Metallic Purple 1985

Air Jordan 1 “Metallic Purple”

A very rare original colorway, which released as part of the “Metallic” pack that has reached legendary status for Air Jordan 1 collectors.

Air Jordan 1 “Metallic Green”

Another very rare original colorway, released as part of the “Metallic” pack.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 White Grey OG 1985

Air Jordan 1 “White/Grey”

One of the few original Air Jordan 1 colorways to never be retroed, this rare release kept things clean and simple with a white and light grey color combination. This pair is deadstock, and is definitely one of the only pairs on Earth in this condition.

Vintage OG Air Jordan 1 Shadow 1985

Air Jordan 1 “Shadow”

A rare original pair of the popular “Shadow” colorway in black and grey.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 Chicago OG 1985

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”

Perhaps the most iconic Air Jordan 1, Michael Jordan wore this colorway on court for the majority of the shoe’s lifespan until the Air Jordan 2 released. This pair is in deadstock condition.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 Bred 1985

Air Jordan 1 "Bred"

The infamous “Banned” Air Jordan 1. This was the first colorway Nike produced for Michael Jordan to wear on court during his rookie season. But per NBA rules at the time, a player’s shoe had to be at least 51% white. The league issued a letter to Nike stating that the black and red colorway was prohibited (actually in reference to a black and red Nike Air Ship that Jordan began the season in), but the brand quickly used the ban to their advantage. Sales soared after Nike released a commercial touting the shoe’s outlaw status, and the rest is history.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 Royal OG 1985

Air Jordan 1 “Royal”

One of the most beloved Air Jordan 1 colorways in its original form from 1985.

Vintage OG Air Jordan 1 UNC

Air Jordan 1 “UNC”

The classic white and Carolina blue colorway inspired by Michael Jordan’s college career at the University of North Carolina. Another one of the colorways that is extremely hard to find in original form.

Vintage Air Jordan 1 Kentucky

Air Jordan 1 “Kentucky”

Given the nickname “Kentucky” due to its similarity to the team colors of the Kentucky Wildcats, this is one of the rarest original colorways of the Air Jordan 1. This version recently retroed for the first time as the Air Jordan 1 "Storm Blue."

Vintage Baby Air Jordan 1

Baby Air Jordan 1

Original Air Jordan 1s in toddler sizing.


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