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The Stadium Goods Nike SF-Air Force 1 Guide

Before earning its place among the most prominent sneakers of all time, the Nike Air Force 1 was a utilitarian shoe first and foremost. Noted for its simplistic look, designer Bruce Kilgore's crowning achievement and masterful creation first emerged in 1982. But the Air Force 1 was a viable option on the parquet for NBA players like Moses Malone before New York City denizens ordained it the "Uptown".

Nike Sportswear Footwear Designer Ben Kirschner (Jordan Future, Nike Zoom Cabos) repurposed the AF1's utilitarian origins in a very different way when he designed the hybrid model, the Nike SF-Air Force 1. (The "SF" stands for "Special Forces".) War-ready in its construction, the sneaker draws much of its DNA from the Nike SFB boot, which are worn by actual soldiers in active duty.

Per usual, Nike exhibited a surgeon’s precision during a tactful marketing roll out that featured NBA stars Paul George, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, DeMarcus Cousins, and Isaiah Thomas exhibiting how well the SF-AF1 works as a lifestyle option.

On November 5, 2016, the public received its first chance to grab one of SF-AF1’s four inaugural colorways – “Faded Olive/Gum” and “Black/Gum” for men, “Light Bone/Sail” and “Golden Beige/Linen” for women. Each shoe is a testament to NikeLab’s penchant for progressive design, as conversation centered around the major alterations to the traditional Air Force 1 model.

For starters, Kirschner’s brainchild sports an ultra-high-top silhouette akin to the Ricardo Tisci reworkings, with two removable paracord straps that provide security for the ankle and double as the handles to the accompanying duffle bag. The tongue, while stylish, houses what Nike’s deemed an "espionage pocket" that provides easy storage. And that’s without mentioning the juxtaposition between the canvas-clad heel and the toebox/mudguard/mid-panel combo oft-designed with premium leather or buttery suede. Other details include the boot-like lace eyelets and laces.

In the end, we see the Air Force 1, universally recognized as a perfect sneaker, take a rough and rugged turn that yields beautiful results.


Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Faded Olive/Gum"

Style: 859202 339

Release: November 5, 2016

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Faded Olive/Gum"

The Faded Olive and Gum colorway is the latest chapter in the continuum of time-tested green and tan motifs. Coated in the olive hue, the upper for this men’s model sees a buttery suede clash with a canvas on the heel. A full gum sole unit finishes things up.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Black/Gum"

Style: 859202 009

Release: November 5, 2016

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Black/Gum"

Once again, we see a full gum sole appear on a Nike SF-AF1. But this time, a textured black tumbled leather and canvas upper rests atop. If you’re looking for the most simplistic of the inaugural colorways, look no further.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Light Bone/Sail" (w)

Style: 857872 001

Release: November 5, 2016

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Light Bone/Sail" (w)

Not quite off-white, we see the SF-AF1 in a “Light Bone/Sail” colorway. It features leather and canvas construction for the tonal look. Subtle hits of black appear on the paracord straps, SF-AF1 branding on the tongue, and lace eyelets. This shoe is in women’s sizes.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Golden Beige/Linen" (w)

Style: 857872 200

Release: November 5, 2016

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Golden Beige/Linen" (w)

The last of the inaugural women’s run of the SF-AF1 is a colorway that everyone can appreciate. The “Golden Beige/Linen” version is stunning to be quite honest. Featuring a clean tumbled leather upper and canvas heel in Golden Beige, the placement of Linen on the outsole perfectly rounds out the shoe.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "ComplexCon"

Style: 903270 100

Release: November 5, 2016

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "ComplexCon"

Talk about pristine! The first-ever ComplexCon descended upon the streets of Los Angeles, California, on November 5, 2016 (the day the SF-AF1 released). Nike commemorated the joyous occasion with the release of a limited all-white colorway. Constructed with tumbled leather, the shoe takes the concept of the iconic icy white AF1 to an uncharted territory.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Black/Gum"

Style: 864024 001

Release: January 19, 2017

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Black/Gum"

The “Black/Gum” color scheme returned to the SF-AF1 to kick off 2017. However, this time we see the shoe constructed with a more pronounced tumbled leather throughout the toe, mudguard and mid-panel. Canvas once again covers the heel and high-top ankle. Lastly, we see the gum aspect of the design appear on the outsole as opposed to the entire sole unit.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Binary Blue"

Style: 857872 400

Release: January 19, 2017

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Binary Blue"

Perhaps it’s me, but is there some sort of conspiracy where women receive the hottest SF-AF1 colorways? Here, we see the combat boot-inspired model colored in a tonal “Binary Blue”. The monochromatic design is complemented with black detailing along the sole, lace eyelets and strap buckles.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "String"

Style: 864024 200

Release: January 19, 2017

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "String"

Where past SF-AF1s resembled an utilitarian shoe, the “String” colorway goes full lifestyle. Featuring a tonal combination of premium suede and ballistic nylon, the shoe could be easily mistaken for a work of art. The gum outsole adds a bit of that classic AF1 flavor to the look.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Desert Ochre"

Style: 857872 700

Release: January 19, 2017

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Desert Ochre"

Bar none the most interesting colorway of the SF-AF1 to date, the “Desert Ochre” shoe is reserved for true outfit architects. The hue can be best described as a brown/tan hybrid, and like the “Binary Blue” version, black accents appear on the paracord strap buckles, lace eyelets, and outsole. This is a women’s exclusive.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Desert Camo"

Style: 864024 202

Release: February 17, 2017

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Desert Camo"

Given its connection to the Nike SFB combat boot, it’s interesting to see the SF-AF1 take so long to sport camouflage. Perhaps the minds at the Swoosh brand assumed that would be cliché. In any case, the “Desert Camo” colorway is sweet, as traditional Desert Camo print occupies the canvas heel. The rest of the shoe sports a tonal Chino look.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Dust"

Style: 903270 001

Release:February 17, 2017

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 "Dust"

Once again, the SF-AF1 goes the tonal route, this time in a “Dust” colorway. It’s essentially a light smoke grey that appears throughout the suede paneling and canvas heel.

Nike SF-Air Force 1 Mid "Tiger Camo"

Style: AA7345 001

Release: June 8, 2017

Link: Nike SF-Air Force 1 Mid "Tiger Camo"

After the success of the SF-Air Force 1, Nike revealed that a mid-top version was to come. The SF-AF1 Mid "Tiger Camo" features an upper constructed with ballistic nylon and water resistant leather. This model does away with the Swoosh branding, which is replaced by a new product number in reflective silver to contrast the tiger camouflage motif. Here, we see one paracord strap as opposed to two. The heel also features parallel zippers.

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