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A Look at the KAWS "WHAT PARTY" Collection

KAWS What Party Collection

Collecting toy figures is one of the greatest things about childhood. Thanks to KAWS, you can still participate in the hobby as an adult, too.

The Brooklyn based artist has produced collectible figurines for the fashion and art world sets dating back to 1999. These sculptures, like his Michelin Man inspired COMPANION character, have been on display at museums and galleries. You may have even seen them in the form of MTV’s VMA Award, and in Drake’s music videos. They’re pretty much a staple in the “culture” at this point.

And now they’re available at Stadium Goods. We’re proud to offer KAWS’s latest collection of sculptures dubbed WHAT PARTY. Launching in early 2021 at a Brooklyn Museum exhibit of the same name, these five CHUM characters in three hard-to-miss and two neutral colors mark the first time KAWS has used the collectible since 2009.

Enjoy the accompanying product shots below, and shop the KAWS WHAT PARTY collection, here.

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