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Check Your Stripes: Comparing the Old & New adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 "Zebra"

Zebra Yeezy 350 OG Restock Comparison

The Yeezy-buying community currently has many questions about the differences between the original 2017 version of the "Zebra" adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 and the restock of 2018. Stadium Goods has both versions in stock now, so we're here to help answer some of the questions with a video comparison of the 2017 versus 2018 "Zebra" colorways.

The differences may seem slight — or even non-existent — to the more casual Yeezy collector, but they are definitely there. Below is a list of every change we could find in the new 2018 restock.

-Most obvious is the brighter white shade of the outsole on the new version compared to the 2017 release's yellow tint.

-The red hue of the "350 - SPLY" text on the new version is a slightly brighter shade of red.

-The Primeknit has a tighter weave on the old version, versus a slightly looser weave. When compared to the 2017 pairs, the 2018 edition has a more solid white weave across the upper than the older version with more black showing through.

-The new version's Boost foam appears to be made with a new mold, as it features more of the raised textures on its surface than the 2017 construction.

-The inside felt lining on the tongue is slightly different shades of white, and also has a different texture.

-If all else fails, check the production date on the inside tag. 2017 pairs have a listed date of "03/17" and the 2018 edition has dates of "08/18" and "09/18."

For a full comparison, watch the full video below.

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