Happy Thanksgiving!

As our way of giving thanks, we’re giving away every tenth pair sold on Thanksgiving Day, FOR FREE! This offer is value from 12:01am on Thanksgiving day, through 11:59pm EST 24-hours later. You'll find out if your pair was free, upon delivery. You've got a 1 in 10 chance of getting a pair of shoes for free, so happy hunting! Free pairs will receive a special in-box notification upon delivery, and refunds for the full product price of the pair will be processed within 7 business days. Due to the nature of the free pair giveaway, we already don’t honor returns, but in this case we’ll be especially strict, so only order if you’re serious. Shipping is not free. If you order 10 pairs, you’re guaranteed to get a pair for free. The actual free shoe will be decided based on the order in which orders are received and shipped. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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