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Air Jordan 1 High 85 "Black / White 2023"


Air Jordan 1 High 85

"Black / White 2023"


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History of Air Jordan Shoes

As soon as the Air Jordan line debuted in 1985, it started shaping sneaker culture as we know it today. Beginning with the Air Jordan 1, Jordans have guided the culture in a myriad of ways, appeared on Michael Jordan’s feet during iconic moments in his career, and in commercials and movies, and been among the most desirable sneakers on the market. Once at the cutting edge of performance technology, classic Air Jordan shoes from the ‘80s and ‘90s are now at the forefront of lifestyle footwear, the most popular category of sneakers.

The story of Air Jordan shoes begins with the Jordan 1, Michael Jordan’s first signature shoe with Nike. Debuted in ‘85 by Jordan, the retro basketball shoe created hype for the line when it appeared in Nike’s “Banned” campaign based on the NBA’s outlawing of the shoe (it was really the Nike Air Ship’s “Black/Red” colorway that got caught up in the league’s crosshairs, but Nike rolled with the more popular Jordan 1, instead). From there, Jordan wore the Jordan 1 “Chicago” during one of the most impressive performances of his career when he scored 63 points in an NBA Playoff game against the Boston Celtics.

Things only got more interesting for Air Jordan shoes from there. The Air Jordan 2’s Made in Italy design brought a previously unheard of luxury-meets-sportswear vibe to sneakers. The Air Jordan 3 was advertised by Nike in a series of commercials starring Jordan and Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon that brought mainstream attention to the Air Jordan brand. Nike achieved similar success with the Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5, and so on.

The architect behind so many great Air Jordans is Tinker Hatfield, the legendary Nike footwear designer who also created Nike’s Air Max line. Thanks to Hatfield’s vision, Air Jordans incorporated elements of Jordan’s personal life into each shoe while also innovating performance footwear technology. This combination of timeless design, intriguing storytelling, and top flight functionality led to the success of the Air Jordan shoe lineup in the ‘80s, ‘90s, 2000s, and today.

Now several decades into its existence, the Air Jordan collection is considered one of the greatest footwear lines in the world. Stadium Goods is proud to offer the very best Air Jordan collaborations, colorways, and everything in between.


How many Air Jordans are there?

As of this writing, there are 37 different Air Jordan models, the most current one being the Air Jordan 37. The Air Jordan line began in 1985 and continues to release new models every year in the present day.

Does Nike own Jordan Brand?

Yes, Nike owns Jordan Brand. In 1997, Jordan Brand separated from Nike and became its own brand, but has remained under the Nike brand since forming in 1985.

How much do Air Jordans cost?

Pricing for Air Jordan sneakers on the secondary market varies by colorway, size, and other factors. The shoe’s most popular silhouette, the Air Jordan 1 High OG, has a retail price of $170.