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The History of Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods (So Far)

Diddy Sneaker Shopping Stadium Goods

Everybody loves to go sneaker shopping, but for those of us that can't drop a couple grand every time we browse the shelves, Complex has created the perfect show for everyone to live vicariously through those that can. The formula is simple: pair a celebrity with a sneaker shop stocked with all the hottest releases on Earth, and watch as they pick up all the shoes and drop all the money you only wish you could. That simple formula has obviously been a winning one, as Complex's Sneaker Shopping quickly became, in their words, the "#1 Sneaker Show in the World," with each new episode racking up millions of views.

There's been plenty of memorable episodes in the history of the show, and maybe we're a bit biased, but we'd like to think that all the greatest were filmed right here at Stadium Goods. As part of our ongoing third anniversary celebration, we took a look back at every episode shot at 47 Howard Street, and compiled some of the most notable statistics from all 36 times host Joe La Puma discussed what each guest was feeling, and what they weren't while browsing our shelves.

Rita Ora Sneaker shopping Stadium Goods

Total Shoes Purchased: 205

In 36 episodes with 38 guests, a total of 205 sneakers were purchased. That's an average of almost 6 pick-ups per guest.


Total $$ Spent: $132,961

The celebrities dropped some serious bread on their way to buying all those sneakers. Only one of all 38 shoppers spent less than $1,000, which was the special (and objectively cutest) guest, Luna Stracci, who with the help of Halsey got to celebrate her fifth birthday in a big way.


Scott Disick Sneaker Shopping LV Supreme

Most $$ Spent By Single Guest: Scott Disick - $15,307.18

Being a member of the Kardashian clan past or present certainly has its benefits, as illustrated by Scott Disick, who dropped over fifteen grand without a blink. Actually with a relatively average total count of sneakers at 8 pairs, it was the $10,000 Louis Vuitton x Supreme Denim Parka that set him far above the rest.


Most Sneakers Purchased By Single Guest: T.I. - 18 Pairs

Rap legend and actor T.I. certainly didn't hold back when it came to picking up some new heat on his recent episode, as he managed to find a whopping 18 pairs to add to his collection. Naturally, this also put him in second place for total dollars spent at $9,525. Must be nice, right?


Fewest Sneakers Purchased: Noah Schnapp - 1 Pair

"Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp wins the award for most sneaker-buying-self-restraint practiced during his episode by being the only guest to leave the store with just one pair. It was a case of quality over quantity, as the already-legendary Off-White x Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" was the shoe he picked up. Only one sneaker, but at a total of almost $3,000, it wasn't even close to the least money spent. We're just glad his mom didn't kill him.


Pete Davidson Sneaker Shopping Stadium Goods

Most Purchased Model: Air Jordan 1

Illustrating its ubiquitous popularity and status as one of the greatest sneakers ever, the Air Jordan 1 in all of its many colorways and constructions was the most purchased sneaker in the 36 episodes, clocking in at an impressive 24 pairs sold.


Air Jordan Wall Stadium Goods

Jumpman vs. Yeezy?

Yeezy certainly hasn't jumped over the Jumpman — at least when it came to Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods. A total of 81 Air Jordans were purchased versus just 13 Yeezys sold on the show.


Off-White Nike The Ten

Most Popular Collaboration: Off-White x Nike

No surprise here. It was the many Off-White x Nike models that got the most love from the guests in the collaboration department. Twelve pairs were purchased, with the Air Prestos being the most popular at 7 pairs picked up.


Most Viewed Episode: 21 Savage

Almost every episode of Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods has clocked at least a million views, but none have been watched more than 21 Savage's episode that released in February 2017. With 11.7 million views and counting, it has the next most-viewed episode, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, beat by almost 3 million. Here's to many more episodes, and many more millions of views for Complex's Sneaker Shopping here at Stadium Goods!


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