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Light Up Winter with the Stadium Goods Blackout Apparel Capsule

Stadium Goods Blackout Collection

Stadium Goods Higher Learning Hoodie “Blackout”

Ah, November. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and suddenly everything you wear to venture outside of the 75º furnace known as your home is a reflection of your permanent mood from now until next spring.

Maybe it’s not that severe, but the weather do be getting kinda brick, though. And all of your clothes are suddenly in neutrals like grey, black, and white after Halloween. Yeah, we’re all too familiar with the vibe, we’re based in the arctic tundra that is New York City, after all. And our second location is in Chicago, which is even more notoriously frigid in the winter months.

With that being said, we’re proud to introduce our latest apparel collection, the Stadium Goods “Blackout” capsule. The collection includes four pieces, all of which feature reflective material that highlight designs that stand out and exude energy in this cold, cold world.

Stadium Goods Blackout Longsleeve

Stadium Goods International L/S Tee “Blackout”

Stadium Goods Nylon Reflective Jogger Pants

The highlight of the capsule is a pair of track pants that pop in any setting, but truly shine—literally—at night. And if you don’t want to fully go flashy from the waist down, the special edition socks are also 100% reflective for a slightly more subtle pop of light.

Stadium Goods Blackout Reflective Socks

Stadium Goods Reflective Crew Socks

So even if you aren’t living in New York City, you can still wear the city’s adopted all-black uniform from now until next spring, but now with a little extra juice. Now if only we can work on a way to send you some of our weather…

You can shop the new Stadium Goods “Blackout” collection now.

Stadium Goods Blackout Tee

Stadium Goods Big Tilt Tee “Blackout”

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