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Big Willie Style: The Fresh Prince's Greatest Air Jordans

Air Jordan 5 Fresh Prince Insole

Before he fought aliens in Men In Black or boxed in Ali, Will Smith was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The classic sitcom ran from the early to mid '90s and, in addition to being hilarious, showcased Smith in many of the hottest sneakers on the planet. A leading candidate for sneaker king of the '90s, Smith has rightfully been given his due by Jordan Brand on multiple occasions, most notably, with the Air Jordan 5 "Bel-Air" in 2013 and the Air Jordan 5 "Fresh Prince," a spin on the "Grape" colorway, that came out in 2018 in honor of Smith's 50th birthday.

While the Air Jordan 5 is the model Smith is best known for wearing on the show, Fresh Prince fans know that certainly isn't the only Air Jordan he rocked. Along with the new laceless Air Jordan 5 celebrating Smith's early '90s flair, we took take a look at some of his greatest Jordans.

Air Jordan 5 Fresh Prince

Air Jordan 5 "Fresh Prince"

No laces? No problem. Replicating Smith's character's preferences for rocking Air Jordan 5s without laces back in 1990, Jordan Brand created this modified edition of the "Grape" colorway. You couldn't put laces in these even if you wanted to. For more traditional fans, there is always the Air Jordan 5 "Grape" retro from 2013.


Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic

Air Jordan 5 "Black/Metallic"

Like any respectable Air Jordan fan, Smith's collection also contained the essential "Black/Metallic" colorway of the Air Jordan 5. He wore them in multiple episodes of the show, including the classic dancing-while-Jazz-plays-the-drums scene.

Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared

Air Jordan 6 "Black/Infrared"

After the Air Jordan 5, Smith moved onto the 6 in 1991. He can be spotted in episodes wearing the the iconic "Black/Infrared" and "White/Infrared" colorways.

Air Jordan 7 Hare

Air Jordan 7 "Hare"

Bugs Bunny isn't the only television character to wear the Air Jordan 7. Smith can be found wearing the "Hare" colorway in multiple Season 3 episodes. You can also spot him in the Air Jordan 7 "Cardinal."

Air Jordan 9 White Black True Red

Air Jordan 9 "White/Black-True Red"

Michal Jordan was gone from the NBA for his first retirement, so it was Smith that made sure the Air Jordan 9 could be seen on national television in 1994.

Air Jordan 11 "Columbia"

Not only is the Air Jordan 11 one of the greatest sneakers ever, it holds a special place in Fresh Prince history by being the shoe Smith wore in the series finale. You've seen the meme, now make sure you also have the shoes.

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